Acrylic Busts 

Series of silkscreen on acrylic portraits comprising two parts which slot together to form a free standing 'bust'.

Image on both sides. Approx height 16.5 cm



(Stock Code: 162)


Portrait Miniatures 

A series of framed miniature inkjet portraits with hanging loop. From a series of portraits drawn in 2016 and taken from the streets of Korea. 

 Each measures approximately 7 x 7 cm. In presentation box. 

(Stock Code: 152)


Baseball cap boy. 2. T-shirt 

Bottle green cotton t-shirt printed with the image 'Baseball cap boy. 2.' from 2016. 

100% cotton 
Machine washable  

(Stock Code: 148)


Dark Glasses Woman 2. T-shirt 

Navy blue cotton t-shirt printed with the image 'Dark glasses woman. 2.' from 2016.

100% cotton
Machine washable  

(Stock Code: 144)


Embroidered badges 

Embroidered badges featuring figures from the 2015 Joggers series including Doctor, Teacher, Waiter, Estate Agent, Physiotherapist, Taxi Driver, Soldier, Flight Attendant, Solicitor and Pilot. Available individually or in a set of ten. 

(Stock Code: 130)


Krobath 'Bust' Invite 

Printed acrylic invitation for a solo exhibition at Krobath Gallery, Vienna in 2016. Comprises two parts which slot together to form a free standing 'bust' of the figure 'Danielle' from the 2016 series of portraits. 

Image on one side, text on the other. 

Clear acrylic base - 11.2 x 3.4 x  0.5 cm
Portrait  - 13.4 x 15.4  0.5 cm



(Stock Code: 123)

PRICE £10.00

Sheep Blanket 

Pure new wool blanket featuring 'Sheep' from 2014. Originally created for Glyndebourne Opera. 

190 x 132 cm
1.5 kg 

(Stock Code: 122)

PRICE £450.00

Nature Vases 

Bone china vases based on nature and landscape works from 2014-15. Including: Telegraph Pole, Pylon, Oak Forest, Pine Forest, Sheep, Carp and Boats.
(Stock Code: 110)


Nature Mugs 

Set of eight bone china mugs based on nature and landscape works from 2014-15. Including: Telegraph Pole, Pylon, Oak Forest, Pine Forest, Sheep, Carp and Boats.

(Stock Code: 99)


Set of 4 sticker sheets 

4 sheets of stickers including: Portraits, walking figures, boats and sheep.

 Each sheet 146 x 105 mm

(Stock Code: 89)

PRICE £10.00

Key Fob 

Engraved acrylic key fob
8 cm x 8 cm x 0.3 cm
(Stock Code: 84)

PRICE £10.00

Walking in the city 

Six free-standing metal figures from the series 'Walking in the City'.
Approx. height 15cm
Sold as a set of six only.  

Published by Alan Cristea Gallery, London

Please note: Not suitable for children due to sharp edges 

(Stock Code: 77)

- Out of Stock
PRICE £95.00

Winter Flip Book 

Boxed flip book illustrating and documenting Winter., a series of 75 prints based on a circular walk through a French landscape.


(Stock Code: 76)

PRICE £15.00

2013 Calendar - Desktop Format 

Desktop calendar published by ILJU Foundation, South Korea, to coincide with their two-man Julian Opie and Patrick Caulfield exhibition. Illustrates 6 works each by Opie and Caulfield.
(Stock Code: 75)

ON SALE £3.00

Aniela Statuettes 

A series of twelve acrylic statuettes.

Published by Alan Cristea Gallery

(Stock Code: 66)


Wrapping paper 

Sheet of wrapping paper as featured in the Guardian. Based on the works Bibi running, Paul running and Dino crawling.  


(Stock Code: 51)


Dancing Figures Lenticular Bookmark 

Lenticular bookmark with ruler design on the reverse.

Published by Alan Cristea Gallery.


(Stock Code: 48)

PRICE £6.00

Canvas Bag 

Canvas tote bag - Printed both sides with The Gallery Staff silhouettes. In association with the exhibition Julian Opie Editions: 1985-2011, Alan Cristea Gallery, London. 

39 x 47 cm
Shoulder straps


(Stock Code: 47)

PRICE £5.00

Julian Opie DVD 

" I often feel that trying to make something realistic is the one criteria I can feel fairly sure of. Another one I sometimes use is, would I like to have it in my room? And I occasionally use the idea, if God  allowed you to show Him one to judge you by, would this  really be it?"

Julian Opie's highly distinctive depictions of  the modern world are created in an extraordinary variety of media. His bold portraits, subtle landscapes, unconventional wallpaper, playful sculptures of animals, buildings and cars, computer films and much more present simplified and iconic versions of contemporary environment. 

In a richly-illustrated interview ranging from his cut-metal sculptures of the early 1980s to the cool minimalism of his cover art for the best of blur CD, Julian Opie reflects on his ways of working, on exposing art in unconventional surroundings, on his sense of the world around him, and on his use of computers which today allow him not to have to construct any of his artworks in the traditional way. 

From Illuminations The Eye series.

DVD: PAL: Region 0: widescreen: running time: 26 minutes approx. 

(Stock Code: 38)

PRICE £14.00


One of 4 framed (unglazed) hand cut paper works made in Japan in the style of Japanese kirie pictures. Edition of 500, unsigned.
Framed size: 14 x 17.5 cm

(Stock Code: 37)

PRICE £90.00
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